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Product Sales and Purchase



Cosway offers a wide - and constantly growing - range of high quality products.

Fashion Jewellery
Beauty Products
Perfumes & Toiletries
Health & Diet Supplements
Household Products
Food Items

Many of these carry international brand names. Many are imported from countries such as France, UK, USA, Australia and Indonesia. These products are exclusive to Cosway.

Cosway offers great value-for-money. All our products are competitively-priced, even though they are comparable to or better than similar products available in shops.

You will have no difficulty getting people to try a Cosway product - and having them come back to you for more!

Cosway constantly conducts exciting campaigns and promotions such as generous price discounts and special offers. As a member of Cosway, you personally benefit from these great buys. More importantly, these promotions will help you increase your sales and earn even more profits!


Please note that the statements in gray are the conventional method and can be treated as an alternative for you





The first step towards making more money is as easy as becoming a Cosway member.

Join now online or
Ask the Cosway Head Office or any stockist for a Cosway Membership Application Form.

Ahli Cosway makes it easy for you, just fill the online form, make or send the payment and we will do the rest for you
Fill in the form and return it to a Cosway stockist together with the joining fee stated in the form.
Be sure to write down your sponsor's name and membership number in the "Sponsor's Particulars" column.

You can start ordering goods online from Ahli Cosway once we email to you your membership number.
Keep the official receipt which will be issued to you and note your membership number. With this number, you can get started straightaway and go for your first sale!

Products will be displayed online
Purchase a Cosway product folder which contains:
Catalogues of the entire range of Cosway products - for your information as well as to help you sell.
The current Cosway Newsletter-which tells you all about new products, special offers and fantastic discounts. It also provides practical tips on how to be more effective, news on the latest Cosway happenings and answers to members' questions .
Membership Applications Forms -with which to build your groups and place you on a higher income level.
' Customer receipts - with which to record your customer's orders.
- A Cosway Good Living Plan brochure - to help you introduce the Cosway opportunity to others.

(Additional copies of these items can also be purchased if required.)

Ahli Cosway will post to you your Membership Card.
Collect your Membership Identification Card from your stockist within a month of your application.

Once you have your membership card, you can start to purchase goods from any Cosway stockist or continue to shop online from Ahli Cosway.
You don't have to wait until you receive your Membership Identification Card. Present your official receipt to the stockist and you will be issued an invoice for all purchases. Check with the stockist for the address and telephone number of the stockist nearest your home or office


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